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Key Cover

Key Insurance

Cover in the event of loss, damage or theft of the insured’s keys

Key Cover or Key Insurance protects the insured against the cost of locksmith’s fees, replacement keys, the re-programming of immobilisers, infra-red handsets and alarms, and, if required, onward transport, in the event of the loss, damage or theft of the insured’s house and/or vehicle keys.

Important Notice

This product is available to insurance brokers and intermediaries only.


If a security risk has arisen as a result of the loss or theft of keys, cover may be provided for new locks to be fitted.

Key Insurance

Insured events covered

Loss, damage or theft of the insured’s house and/or vehicle keys.

Cover can be provided for the named insured only, or extended to include cover for any immediate member of the insured’s family who reside at the same address as the insured.

Limits of indemnity

Cover can be provided with limits up to £1,500 any one claim and in the aggregate.

Bespoke schemes

As a provider of specialist insurance products and services for brokers, affinity groups, motor fleet providers, letting agents and insurers, we are renowned for our innovative and flexible approach in developing and administering bespoke schemes to meet the requirements of our partners. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer flexible solutions.

Trading options

Our Key Cover products are designed to be provided to customers on an add-on or standalone basis.

Trading options can include:

  • Online trading via our broker platform – HUB
  • Delegated authority schemes
  • Rhino – administered programmes

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